DHCP, NW6.5.6, DNS handled by the AD PDC (ick).


We noticed that our 10 subnets each have the same subnet options for each
subnet. Obviously, it might make sense to move those subnet options to
global to make it easier to change settings.

A couple of questions:

1. Do the global settings override the subnet settings, or vice-versa? I'd
love to move one subnet at a time, and I can do that if I set the global
options, and then delete the corresponding settings one subnet at a time.
So, I'd add global option settings, then delete the subnet settings, and see
if they work, and then move to the next subnet. Sound right?

2. I'm seeing a "supportNWIP=false" settings. Does anyone know why that
setting might've been made, and if it's safe to delete it?


Tim Wohlford, CNE