Can any kind soul help me with this. I'm running Zen7 SP1 and I need to
add some new drivers to the imaging disk. everything goes fine until I hit
the problem of adding files to the initrd, specifically the cpio -idmuv <
../initrd >/dev/null 2>&1. (see
section 65.4.2 for the documentation I'm reading). I get warnings about
skipping 1923664 bytes of junk, the archive header has reverse byte order,
$DL$X$ is an unkown file type and that Ive reached a premature end of
file. What I dont get is any decompressed directory structure to add
drivers to. Ive gone to the server and recopied the iso etc (could it be
corrupt?) no joy. The compressed initrd is 7,613,483 bytes where ever i
look. Any suggestions, other than buy Microsoft?