We like what is being said about DST but all is not going well in our test

We have one server with OES SP2 and a second server running OES (Netware 6.5
Sp6) SP1 and having a great deal of difficulties with this configuration.

My understanding of one possible DST configuration was, two servers, one (A
OES SP2)) with current files, the second (B Netware 6.5 sp6) with old files.
The files would migrate from A to B or B to A based on settings and also if
they have been changed.

The gains are the server B could be a slower server with lower cost storage
and since B only has non-current files backups are done infrequently.

Server A would have fewer files to back up so backup window is smaller and
the storage system can be smaller as well.

In the real world we now find:
For this to work it requires ISCI from server A to B. All files on Server
B must go through server A when accessed by the users. And there appears to
be no way to back up the data on server B directly .
This doesn't look very efficient....

Is the latter description for DST correct?