I'm currently backing up about 8TB of data on one of my netware servers.
I run 2 jobs at once to two diff LTO2 drives in a Scalar 100 unit.
Right now I start a weekly Friday at 5pm and it finishes in the early
hours of Monday.

Well the problem is one of my groups needs even more space. Probably
another TB or so and I'm sure that will grow too.

Anyone here doing a lot of Disk to Disk with large data sets like that?
If so what are you using and do you take the things off site (which is
a requirement for me).

We have more than one building on this site (not physically close enough
to worry about fire) with Fiber in between, and I don't think a natural
disaster can take both of them out (I'm sure the moment I decide that
I'll be proven wrong). Hurricane is the one thing we'd get in this area
I'd have to concern myself with. So backing up to disk in the other
building is a potential except for lack of
power/ventilation/cooling/security there

So given that we now have 1GB drives (my array has 750's in it). What's
an IT guy to do. I really don't want to have to carry a 150lb array off
site weekly I don't think the server could stream to LTO3 fast
enough to keep up with 2 jobs. I could split it across 2 servers, it
used to be that way and I moved them to one.