I updated my Zen install to 10.0.1 on October 22. Ever since then, when I do a Discovery task (either IP or LDAP) the task remains pending eternally. Processor Utilization shoots up to 100%. ZenLoader taking 68% and DBsrv10 taking the remainig 32% of the processor.
ZEN and the Database are running on the same server, Windows 2003 R2 SP2, so this is not a time synch issue.
I am not running patch management or any other server intensive processes.
The server is doing nothing. The agent has only been deployed to a single test computer. My discovery task is set to find either a single IP address or a single computer in an AD OU ( I am not discovering an entire subnet).

If I reboot the server the discovery task runs; however utilization remains at 100%.
I must then reboot the server again (making sure not to have any discovery tasks "pending") in order to get the server to come up without the utilization going crazy.

This was not a problem until I updated to 10.0.1
I have looked at the log in C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\logs\LocalStore but I don't really understand what I am looking at. It all looks normal.

Any ideas about what I can do about this "pending"/"utilization" problem.