Hi (don't know wich forum to post this to - so I begin here),

Have been using NW as server os before and I'm moving
over to oes linux sbs.
At the same time I want to swith using both PCs and MACs
not just PCs like now.
What is the best way to store/access files on the server.

Have been using both iFolder 2.x and the NW client before.
For MACs there aren't any clients
and don't know what to use anyway to access Linux storage servers.

Plan is to have active files on iFolder 3.x (on the move) and
old/passive files using normal file-access on LAN.
Probably there should be an option to access old files via VPN or so
also from a remote location if there would be a need, but this
is very seldom and very few files.

What would you recommend to start planning for?