Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have one for you...

Back in August, I upgraded (8) Netware 6.5 SP5 servers to SP6 and all the
relating after patches.

Since the upgrade, this (8) NW server, 4,500 User/Workstation environment,
has had some considerable amount of communication problems.

Some of the immediate issues that were seen were:

- LPR Communication issues with iPrint/NDPS printers
- Sporadic Slow Logins
- Slow access to file servers and browsing My Network Places
- Corrupted GroupWise mail messages and several "re-sends" or duplicate
messages to senders.
- Server "Short Term Memory Cache Allocation Errors"
- ARCserve Backups Failing due to "unable to connect to remote server"

and the list goes on...

Before anyone asks, yes I have applied all the relating after patches
since Aug. (ie, IPRNTNW65SP6G and WSOCK6M, etc...) from

In desperation, I placed a troubling workstation on a hub with another
workstation running Wireshark to see what is going on with the network.
What I see is an abnormal amount of [TCP Segment of a reassembled PDU] in
the packet traces belonging to NCP (TCP 524) on the ACK packet (returning
from the server back to the workstation). During actual capture of the
trace, I do see many retransmissions, all from the NCP communication.

From TCPCON | Protocols | TCP | I see the Segment Retranmission counter
increase almost every second or two on all the servers.

I've checked the servers and the adjacent switches and ensured proper
configuration and negotiation settings. There are no collisions, crc or
input/output errors being reported on any of the (8) servers in this

I'll admit, I'm not a packet trace expert but from what I'm gathering it
seems as if there is a TCP issue on the Netware servers since the SP6+

I'm wondering if anyone knows if Novell has changed anything majorly in
the TCP/IP stack with SP6 and after? or if there are any SET parameters
that I need to adjust since SP6+.

Since I'm having such a hard time with SP6, I hesitate upgrading to SP7
since it is so new and seeing the abundant amount of problems listed on
this forum.

I'm almost considering going back to SP5 due to its known working
stability but wanted to check and see if anyone has seen a similar issue
like this before. Any input would greatly be appreciated.