We are doing a lights out distribution of an MSI, in the application object we have a distribution script that runs a set of batch commands. The application object installs fine on Windows XP but not on Windows 2000. The zen log shows the following error on all of the win2k machine;

"Cache Success","60","11/14/2007 4:58:48 PM","D530XUSU4040DKJ.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOLL. CORP","D530XUSU4040DKJ.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOL L.CORP","","GROUPWISE7-0-2.APPLICATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOLL.CORP","4534989A-6772-47DA-AE42-9FDC924C6305","16","0","0","C:\NALCache","","","", "","1074266240"

"Distribution Failure","21","11/14/2007 4:58:49 PM","D530XUSU4040DKJ.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOLL. CORP","D530XUSU4040DKJ.WORKSTATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOL L.CORP","","GROUPWISE7-0-2.APPLICATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOLL.CORP","4534989A-6772-47DA-AE42-9FDC924C6305","16","Could not get needed resources for application [GROUPWISE7-0-2.APPLICATIONS.ZEN.SEC.PA.TOLL.CORP] to be launched (id=267).||Problem: Script execution failed"," .SEC.PA.11/14/2007 4:58:49 PM","%*winsysdir%\cmd.exe /C","","","","","1074266240"

Our workstation policy could not be affecting the package because it runs the same policy across both xp and 2k. At a loss, can anyone shed some light or point me in a direction. Thanks in advance.