I'm confused.

OES Linux offers many storage options, and a whole lotta linux-speak that
is unfamiliar to this old NetWare goat.

I've got a simple single-server system. No clusters, to iSCSI, nothin'

SLES10 install defaults to 'reiser', installs fine, OES installs fine,
everything seems to work just dandy until I try to write to the
pre-defined SYSTEM volume. There I seem to have to 'write' rights despite
being an admin.

I want to setup the OES server similar to my NetWare system, a a
two-volume system with a 10GB (do I need more?) SYS volume and the
remainder of avaialable space for my data (VOL1) volume.

Someone care to recommend how I go about doing that? Do I need NSS?
Doesn't seem like it. Can't I just use Linux native storage? How do I go
about definiting and creating the data volume after OES install?

Clueless in Seattle