I currently have Zenworks Asset Management 7.5 Interim Release 7 installed.
I have the collection server, Manager, and Task server installed on 1 Widows
2003 server. SQL 2000 DB is installed elsewhere. Up until a 2 days ago I
was having no issues with this setup. Yesterday I was unable to "view
details" when I right-click the Collection server on the Collection Servers
tab. I receive the following message:
"A network error was encountered while communicating with a remote
application" ID {bc8e6747-8a06-47d4-b02c-70ac4e6f8893} name:
collectionserver(has name of my server), Port:7460

I went ahead and applied Interim Release 7, and this corrected the problem
mentioned above. Today, I am experiencing the same problem. Additionally I
noticed that I receive the message "Unable to communicate with server" when
I try to stop the collection server.

Does anyone know of a fix for this problem?