I am trying to get the email integration to work.

Outgoing mail is fine. I can send mail/notifications.

Incoming mail is the problem:

I have it working in 'alias'-mode. Teaming periodically checks a single
mailbox and routes the mail to specific folders (which have an unqiue

Setup: One GW mailbox. Several dist-lists for the different folders have the
Teaming mailbox as a member.

Mail does arrive in the Teaming mailbox and gets pulled by POP. The sender
receives a message saying:
Re: IT.BLOG (Unable to post message. '_postingAgent is unauthorized to
perform createEntries operation to the work area /Workspaces/Team

I made a dist-list (it.blog@..) for the Teaming mailbox and defined
it.blog@... as the mailaddress for a Blog folder in a workspace.

What am i missing? Access control? Where? How?

The 'manual' (does it deserve this name?) lacks all details.

Georg Fritsch