We have it set up where all of our users that use IE have the proxy set and
locked whenever they log in. A problem has now arisen in that we've had
some download Firefox and are bypassing the proxy. When I enabled the
Transparent Proxy on port 80, they now are forced through the proxy and
filtering, etc., as required. However, several sites, like CNN, are
appearing as text-only sites instead of HTML? What would be causing this?

We are running BM38SP5 on NW65SP5, and are using IPCop/Cop+/URLFilter as our
filtering agent using the cache hierarchy scheme in BM.

Since we are required by law to filter all web traffic, would there be any
other way to do this (at no more cost)? We have documentation on remotely
setting the proxy in Firefox and locking that area, but haven't had time to
get to it.

If I turn off the Transparent Proxy, then Firefox downloads the sites
normally even when manually set to go through the proxy.

Thanks for any ideas and/or suggestions,