Sorry if this is a duplicate.

My customer has multiple locations around the country that are having the same problem with the policy.

I will just paste in what the user is complaining about.

Any ideas are welcome.


we were having some issues with some field locations pushing down Group Policies via ZFD7. In talking with one of the administrators in the field, they said they had heard that the policy only had a problem pushing down if the user was an admin on the workstation -- if they were a "Power User" on the workstation, the policy pushed down OK.

That sounded odd to me, but I had two locations that were having troubles give it a try, and they reported that after they did that, the policy did in fact push down!
he discovered that the ZenSec.inf file did not appear to be pushing down into the workstation C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy.WksCache\Machine\M icrosoft\Windows NT\SecEdit directory. If he manually copied the file there and re-ran the policy, it then put the settings into effect.