Or I'm hoping so...

I've setup a zone testlan.mycompany.com on my NW65SP7 DNS server and in
there I setup an "A" record "appserver" pointing to ipaddress1.

Then I setup a zone office1.testlan.mycompany.com on the same server, setup
the glue records as recommended, and setup an "A" record "appserver"
pointing to ipaddress2.

Finally I've tried on both a Win2000 and WinXP machine to set them up in
computer properties as domain suffix office1.testlan.mycompany.com and
pointed their DNS ONLY to my NW DNS server.

Now when I PING appserver, it resolves to ipaddress2, which is what I'd
expect/want. Then if I remove the "appserver" resource record from zone
office.testlan... and do a PING, it resolves to ipaddress1, which is exactly
what I want.

I had to flush DNS on the server and the workstation between changes to get
results instantly, but other than it worked great.

This is what it's supposed to do, right? I'm not just getting lucky? If so
then good...

However it does leave me with one problem, we're going to want to make the
DNS changes on the fly and have the client workstations pick this up right
away. I'm working on how to get the DNS server refresh to happen
faster/easier (other message thread on this), but is there a way to have the
Windows workstation realize the changed DNS record faster? Is this related
to the TTL for the zone? Is there a setting at the server that I can use to
get these changes out to the workstations faster?

Appreciate your comments, thanks