We have a NW6.5 server with two older NW6.5 servers as replica servers, we
are using BackupExec 9.1 on one of the replica servers (no disaster recover

We perform a complete weekly server backup using BackupExec 9.1, this
includes the file system (files + server specific info), the novell
directory (schema, tree with security and ou). Plus monthly backup to CD of
trustee rights (trustee.nlm), c:\nwserver folder, eDir using eMBox,
autoexec.ncf, server login script.

I am looking for suggestions on where to look to find a definitive procedure
on how to recovery a downed server, either if I have to dead server that
can't be fixed (so I am reinstalling my production server on a new piece of
hardware) or if I have to reinstall to the same server due to some

I know that this is complicated since I am using NW and BackupExec, but I'm
hoping not to reinvent the wheel.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.