We still have a large number of W2k desktops deployed. In the last round
(Nov 13) of MS updates all of the 200 PC's had their client break.

The error on login is "A Required Network Service has not started.
Please Check your error log for details."

The event viewer shows "The Novell Service Location service failed to
start due to the following error: A device attached to the system is not

The fix seems to be login as a local user (after some time waiting for
the prompt) and reinstall the client on each PC- by hand. Then all is
back to normal.

The issue? This happened on nearly 200 PC's in 30 locations. We have 8
total support staff. We're still recovering.

MS Networking is fine, as is TCP/IP. IT's specifically the NW Client.
We're not running anything esoteric here- basic IP only with SLP.

XP systems with the same client are fine (Thankfully 90% of our users)

Any Ideas? Other than replacing all of the 2k PC's, I want to prevent
this from happening again