We have been successfully running GMS on windows mobile 5 devices and on one symbian 9.1 device for about a year now, for everyone within our technology department.

we are now at stage where our technical director wants to open this up to everyone requesting a blackberry (esp those already with company phones). However he wanted to trial the product first. Here's where the problems start.

He has a Nokia 6300. Our server side is running at version with client pack The software installs on his phone, allows him to connect and perform a manual sync.
The problem he is experiencing is that if Intellisync is not the main focus application push doesn't work, and when he does make it as the main focus, he has to re-authenticate in. His connection is also dropped quote regularly and he has to re-authenticate to the server (as opposed to unlock the suite) in say every 3 minutes when it is the main focus. We have checked the compatibility of the phone in the matrix, and it is supported at an earlier version.

Does anyone have any ideas?