Hello Folks!

I have an issue with a bunch of OSX 10.4 machines and NW6 SP5 with AFP 2.2

If for some reason a person is logging on to an OSX box and their session
crashes (or they close the lid on their laptop before logging out of the
NW box), the connection that was made to the NW6 server hangs and is NEVER
cleared by the server. I can clear them through the web management
interface, but I work as one of three people in a large environ (3600
users/1200 mixed winxp and OSX workstations) and we would like to find a
simpler way to deal with the issue.

Is there any way we can automate the clearing of inactive connections from
the Macs? The watchdog process works great on the winxp boxes... I also
have a cron job set up to "clear station all" at 4AM on each of the 4 NW6
boxes we have. This doesn't fix it either...

Any words of wisdom ?

Thanks in Advance!!!