Hi Tim,
I also receive this error even after applying SP5 nss patch 5b and cifs 324a patches. I have tried the delay fix and no luck. I manually ran the cluster load script lines with long delays and still no good. All my other clustered volumes have the identical cluster load scripts and they work fine. I have carefully checked the load syntax. The object looks fine in NDS.

Thanks, Ben.

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>>> Tim Heywood NSC SYSOP<tim@no.spam.please.nds8.co.uk> 10/07/2007 6:43 am >>>

ERR_VOLUME_NOT_FOUND 20801 /* the given volume
name could not be found */

Sounds like the CIFS is being called to early (much like the 20405
error) Either add a ? at the begriming of the CIFS load line

?CIFS ADD .CN=<cluster_volumes_server>.OU=<OU>.O=<O>.T<treen ame>.

or add in a Delay 10 into the load script

Delay 10
CIFS ADD .CN=<cluster_volumes_server>.OU=<OU>.O=<O>.T<treen ame>.

On Mon, 09 Jul 2007 07:25:33 GMT, sschmeinck@borgers-group.com
(Stefan) wrote:

>I have an error " unable to read attributes of xxxclusterobjectxxx from
>NDS, error = 20801" in a 2 node 6.5 SP5 cluster when cluster starts and
>volumes are mounting. I couldn&#180;t find anything to this error code,
>only to error code 20405!? CIFS.NLM is version 3.24.01. What does this

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