Is it possilbe to get someone's logs where Patch management is working
right? I'd like to compare with a system that is having little to no
problems versus mine.

In any case here are some questions I have:

1) How many bundles are normally in ZPM when it is "really truly almost
completely done downloading up to date for that particular week"?
(Everything to date)

2) Is it normal to see patches that look like they are duplicated with the
same exact name but a hex code out to the side that is slightly different?
I have hundreds of these....

3) Every so often I get a java heap error and the loader just seems to bug
out. This seems to happen daily.

4) Would it be possible/recommended to have another system just running the
patch service that is tied into the zone? I'm thinking one machine to hold
the SQL database, one to handle the general load of the zone, one to handle
the patch service. Would it make much difference or even make things
worse - since it seems the loader is the bottle neck.

5) In keeping with 4 - what is the general recommended way to deploy this
beast and load balance this stuff - what boxes hold what suggested services?

All of this is running VM ESX 3.0 - 2 W2k3 servers one with SQL the other
currently zone and patch. is the version running of ZCM.