... for this yearís NCC competition.

From now one till the end of the year, I will post a number of tasks to perform or questions to answer. For each round of the competition, points will be awarded. The person who at the end of the competition will have most points will win some fine Belgium chocolate.
Here are the rules:

1. By participating, you will implicitly acknowledge that you accept to receive by email the results of each round and a notification about the instructions of the next task having been posted. If at a certain moment, you want to stop participating, you have to notify this at the email address riddler.the@gmail.com. Any other kind of notification may be ignored.

2. In case of dispute, the Riddler and Marcel Cox will have the final word in deciding the dispute.

3. Anyone who is caught cheating or who tries to spoil the competition by posting an answer in the forums when an email answer is required will be eliminated from the competition.

4. The competition is intended to be fun and is based on the idea "the more, the merrier". So donít hesitate participating. Donít feel intimidated by some people appearing to win each year. The best way to defeat these people is participating yourself. Also, the maximum points per task tend to increase as the competition goes on. So even if you miss some, that doesnít mean you stand any chance.

Now to the first round:

As every year, the first round consists of mystery task which you have to discover and execute as soon as possible. The task will be posted somewhere this week and after the task having been posted, I will post more and more clues that help you discover it.

Good luck and may the merriest of you all win!