Hello there,

what would be the best way of upgrading a 3-node Netware 6 cluster to Netware 6.5 with new hardware?

That's how I would do it:

1. eDir health check
2. Migrate all cluster services away from the server which should be upgraded
3. Unload cluster services
3. Install the new server with NW 6.5 "pre migration"
4. upgrade the server using migration wizard
5. Configure SAN access (HBA drivers, connect fibre channel cables) and make sure the new server has access to the SAN
6. Install cluster services and get the new server back into the cluster.

Would that work?
As far as I know, a mixed Netware 6 and Netware 6.5 cluster does work. Is this correct?

After the last node is updated, the cluster would update itself if it detectd that there is no other NW6 node.

I will try this in a virtual environment, but any tips, hints and tricks would be appreciated.