As most people know and as per the documentation at
the Vista client does not support NetWare broadcast messages.

Does anybody know if this is by design or just an ommission and they plan to
fix it, and if so any idea when?

I haven't played with SUSE Linux servers yet, is there some way to send
broadcasts from them that the Vista client does support and this is why
Novell is not bothering getting it to work for the NetWare broadcasts?

Pretty important for people to know that the server has experienced a power
failure or abend and they have to save their work... I'm coming from a
NW5.1SP8 enivironment where we lost the ability to send broadcasts (they
appear blank on client) for some time now and was looking forward to this
working again under NW6.5......

Appreciate your comments, thanks

P.S. - BTW is Novell planning to open up a new forum for the Vista client specific