Netware Server 6.5 SP7
ZfD 4.01 rel. 7

Several times a day, at different times in the day, the server loses
connection to other IP segments on the network. When I run the ping
command at a workstation, it results in no replies. This will occur for a
few mintes at a time and pinging replies normally after that. Sometimes
the entire day will go by and it doesn't lose the connection at all. If
I'm in the same IP segment that the server is on, the server pings fine. I
checked the logger screen at the server console while this happens and see
that the Dead gateway Detection is reporting that it loses connectivity to
the Gateway server. I checked the Gateway server and it's fine. No other
server or workstation loses connection to it. I noticed that just before
it loses connectivity, the server ping replies with very poor response
times. The network administrators checked the network switches and hubs at
their end and no problems there. They think that the problem is in the
Server configuration. what can be causing this issue?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.