We currently have the following setup:

Primary server is running ZCM 10.0.0 on SLES10 SP1. (Using internal CA)
We manually installed the Adaptive Agent on w2k3 SP2 device , and we
configured this machine as our windows proxy.

Now we are trying to auto deploy an Agent to a Windows XP SP2 machine
(Were we configured everything according to the docs) but our deployment
job keeps on failing with the message "Error: unable to connect to device"

On the windows XP we configured the following
- Simple file sharing disabled
- Remote registry enabled
- .Net 2.0 framework installed
- Windows firewall disabled
- Time syncronization is ok
- DNS (both forward and reverse is ok)

Is there someone who already managed to deploy the agent to a Windows
client via a primary server running on SLES10 SP1 ? (via a windows proxy

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance