Not sure if anyone out there has seen this type of issue before. I think
I know what its related to but hope that someone will give me a sanity
check on this issue.

What I am seeing is that I am having problems from clients connecting to
the AD Domain SYSVOL share. I get access denied errors, even though i can
access SYSVOL directly via the server, but NOT via the domain DNS name.
After extensive troubleshooting I narrowed it down to being related to
SLP. For background info our AD domain is called mydomain.hhf (HHF being
the Acronym for the organization), the eDir tree root name is ALSO HHF.
What I think SLP is doing is intercepting the call to mydomain.hhf and
getting confused with the HHF piece. Ive tracked it down to where
CLIENT32 is actually writing an entry in the Servercache reg key for
mydomain.hhf but associating it with one of the Netware servers.

If I completely eliminate SLP (Both hard coded and DHCP delivered) I
canned access the domain share with no issues at all. Of course being a
pure IP environment that does seem to pose a login problem, which can be
overcome with PREFERRED SERVER entry, but thats not entirely perfect since
it also leaves a single point of login failure.

Any comments, suggestions, insights will be appreciated.