Im reinstalling all servers from scratch.
Until now we have been running 1 HW-box with Netware6.5 and ZfD7

I tried first to migrate to OES2 Linux as primary server, but i feel
something is still to complicate on Linux than Netware, so i go back to
Netware6.5 SP7.

This time i want to add another server that run Zenworks, but am confused
about what to choose.
There is someting called Zenworks Configuration Manager10 that only run on
Windows Server or Linux Server. We still have ZfD7 on media and license.

Is ZCM10 an upgrade from ZfD7 Is ZCM the next step in Zenworks, or is ZCM
something else? The Whitepapers says that ZCM do the same as ZfD, but is
more open on what system it runs on. Its not depended on eDir og Novell

We have licenses for all NW, OES2, ZfD and ZCM, so i just have to make up
my mind. What would be det best solution for us?

Would you recommand ZCM on OES2 than ZfD on NW?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway