This SLES10 OES2 newly-installed server *appears* to be working correctly.
The /welcome page contains the services I installed, and they all seem to
be there, with one notable exception: Remote Manager. I receive a 'page
cannot be found' when I click that link. Client firewall is not an issue
(disabled). I even went in and install Novell Archive services, which
claimed it would also install NRM, and still no joy. Any help would be

This is so I can use NRM to create a NCP share. Using the command line
method NPCCON yields 'Error 22' when I attempt to create a NCP volume in
the same area as SYS. I've tried both /usr/Novell/ and /home/Novell. I
mention this in case it provides a clue as to why NRM doesn't seem to be
functioning. I'm still rooting around the knowledgebase to find out what
'Error 22' might be telling me.