When I look at Environment using either nwadmin or Consoleone Every user except for me it will display the workstation IP Address but not the Novell Server's IP Address. I get both. I have rights to the world, is there a setting I can choose for everyone else to have both?

Also, Sometimes users have the Network Address Blank but have no problem accessing the Novell Server. We have just installed a Bluecoat Proxy and We are finding that users have problems accessing the Internet when they don't have an IP Address displayed in the Environment. Part of the problem may be the way the client reattaches to the server if you reboot the server. Typically if not always the client reattaches to the server with out either restarting the PC or logging back in. This may also happen to workstations let on over night and disconnected by Intruder lockout. So is there a way to prevent that and require a broken connection to at least require the workstation to log back in if not reboot?