I recently migrated a NW6.5sp7 server to new hardware, using the Migration
Wizard. It mostly went well, with the notable exception of Zenworks7.
The Zenworks files on the Sys: volume were not migrated; so I manually
copied them over (using BeyondCompare-wonderful program). Zenworks only
partially works now. What I would like to do is re-install Zen7sp1ir1 to
see if it will "fix" things.

When I try the reinstall, and get to the screen to "add servers", I can
select the appropriate server, it is one of the choices. However, the
server will not "add"; the only computer that shows up after the add is
the WS I am on. I have tinkered with all the settings I can find, and
nothing changes this, I can only install to the local machine.

I went to the console and typed in
the zdmreg.nlm screen will come up, only showing
<press any key to continue>
if I do, the screen goes away. The logger screen shows several identical
lines saying
"zdmreg.nlm: query ccode is ox4000000E"
with a final line of
"ZDMREG.NLM: Registry Operations Succeeded"
So, in other words, I don't get an answer to the version question.

I want to reinstall Zenworks on this machine. Imagining, inventory seem
to be fine. Apache and Tomcat are broken. How can I reinstall the

Russell Breedlove