I recently took over full time duties of managing this server and have found a couple things that concern me. From what I can tell we are running BM 3.8 sp 4 . First, our internet seems very slow at times. Obviously there are other things that can affect this, but I have a feeling it is related to BM. Utilization on the server seems very high, it seems to stay around 85% around peak times, it will drop for a few seconds, but then goes back up. Is this normal ?

Another problem is related to proxy. For one thing you can get on the internet without the proxy settings, which in doing some reading seems to be because of bad filters ? We also cannot unload proxy to restart the server, it just hangs when I try to unload it and I have to force the server down. The last thing is that our cache volume is nss and is running compression. Also based on what I read this is bad, but sounds like it can be corrected relatively easily. Could this be causing our slowness and what is the easiest way to move this volume to a traditional file system ?

The server is stable, things just seem sluggish and based on what I have read it doesn't sound like it was implemented correctly. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to get us back on track.