I'd like to limit port 25 (smtp) access for inbound mail server
connections to the anti-spam/anti-virus email scanning servers at
MailWise. I have the range of public ip addresses used by their servers.
MailWise works fine for the most part, except I think a few spammers are
going directly to the ip address of the GroupWise mail server, thus
by-passing the mx record for the domain which gives the highest preference
to the server(s) at MailWise. Is limiting port 25 (smtp) connections to
MailWise best done with an access rule in BorderManager or do I need to be
thinking about a filter change?

Running BorderManager 3.8 is running on a NetWare 6.5 SP6 server.
GroupWise 7 is running on a OES1 Linux server.


Tim Wessels