We are preparing a Windows Vista Ghost image for deployment in our
environment. We have several machines used by multiple users and we
cannot use the password synchronization feature.

Section 3.3 of the Novell Client Administrator's guide sums up my issue.

"3.3 Logging in When eDirectory and Windows
Credentials Are Not Synchronized
If your eDirectory account password is not in sync with the Windows Vista
account password when
logging in through the Novell Client for Windows Vista credential
provider, you will see a screen
confirming that the eDirectory (Novell) login succeeded and letting you
enter the Windows Vista
account password."

I will have far too many different users to allow for password
synchronization and I also do not wish to pass out local account
credentials to users.

I want my users to enter only eDirectory credentials and authenticate also
to the local workstation. Using XP, we were able to get this working
without synchronizing the eDirectory and local credentials. We really
want to reproduce this functionality in Vista.