Im in control over a OES2-server holding IDM that is located 300km away.
Im working over VNC and try to undate server. It require files from
SUSE/OES-CDs so i thought i could download DVD-ISO and add it to
installation sources.

It seems that it accept this and try to access the ISO-Image for files but
after few seconds it gives an error:
Transaction failed: Can't provide
/suse/x86_64/dbus-1-qt3-32bit-0.60-33.16.x86_64.rpm from ...

I then extracted ISO-file to a folder an added it as installation source
and also removed the other iso-source to avoid conflicts.

Then i run update again and it gives the same error:
Transaction failed: Can't provide
/suse/x86_64/dbus-1-qt3-32bit-0.60-33.16.x86_64.rpm from dir:///root/OES2/

Is there something wrong, or can i just not do this?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway