Good Morning,

Existing NDS: eDire 8.7.3 OES SP2 Linux Servers (German). New Server OES2
I execute the Shema Tool on my OES2 to prepare the existing NDS.
After that i try to configure the eDir into existing tree. While that he
got Problems to communicate with ldap. I canceld the configuration afer a
few tests. The Server object and ldap objets are now in the NDS but the
certificates are not there.
I foud the ticket: 3010235 and try to create the certificates. The i get
the error:
Fehler: Fehler beim Initialisieren des PKI-Plugins:

Then i found 3767187, but the security Patch in the Version
compat-2004.7.1-1.2 is installed. I got no ideas what to do now....

Regards Janosch