I have installed a fresh netware6.5 server. Now i need to mount the data
volume of the server to a linux baox. When i try to mount using the mount
command from the linux box i am getting a permission deined error.
root@aidbanana://#: mount -t nfs aiqdate.bgl.avamar.emc:/DATA
mount: aiqdate.bgl.avamar.emc:/DATA failed, reason given by server:
Permission denied

When i log in to iManager -> Roles and tasks -> File protocol -> NFS nad
then enter the netware server in the server tab , it throws an error
NFS Services Administration
Error: Could not read/update the file system/nfsstart.ncf. Either the
file is read-only, or it has been opened by another application.

Could you please let me know wheter this is the procedure to nfs mount the
data volume onto a linux server. If so can anyone suggest as of what could
be the reason for this error.
If this is not the way of enabling the NFS mounts , could you please
suggest how it can be done.