The server has SLES 10 sp1 installed, Edir 8.8 sp2, ZDM 7.0 with hot patch
and additional patch for awsi. The server starts importing workstations
no problem, when it get to around 279 it burps and can't import any more
workstations. Now the ZDM 7.0 was installed without SSL enabled, but the
last time I had this problem I changed the Ldap ssl port from 636 to
another port and back to 636 and it started working.. I even telneted to
636 no problem, this time I tried to telnet to port 636 and get an error.
Everything else works, it just the import of the workstation that fails...
We get a "No import policy found", tried to force it no luck... What I
can't understand is if you select not to install the SSL with the ZDM 7.0,
why does it seem to require it? There is little information for ZDM 7.0
on Linux... Another weird thing, when I installed the Edir 8.8 sp2 with
Consoleone 1.3.6h the workstation objects are out of order, when