Hi there, I have a bit of a problem with a Netware 6.5SP7 server. The DHCP
service for some reason pushed the CPU up to 100% and stuck there every time
I loaded it so I have since recreated all the DHCP settings. One thing I
noticed before I redid the DHCP settings was that the dhcplog.log was over
2GB in size and I thought this was a little strange. After recreating the
DHCP settings I deleted the files in sys:\etc\dhcp and they have recreated
themselves. I have noticed that the DHCP service has pushed the CPU back up
to around 30% and this dhcplog.log is growing quite quickly. I guess my
question is: Is this dhcplog.log file supposed to get that big. Right now
it's 260MB and counting. Also, does anyone have suggestions as to why DHCP
is pushing the CPU so hard. I have other servers running all the same
versions of Netware and none of these problems exist.

Thanks for your time.