I've updated initrd to include the latest e1000.ko for an
Intel DQ965GF motherboard with the routine outlined in the doc where
you mount initrd, copy the new file into its filesystem, gzip it and
copy to sys/tftp/boot/initrd


when I pxe boot, and invoke the Zen engine (with ctrl-alt)
select manual mode...it will tell me that there is no network device,
it instructs me to load one manually..... it will indeed load manually
and I can actually perform tasks like normal (ex 'make image')

initrd will automatically load the network driver for my
vmware virtuals

more info...with my original initrd I could not even load the driver
manually on the intel DQ965GF...so at least my updated initrd
is working...

Now if I can just get it to load automatically on the DQ965GF

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Dawson College, Montreal