We are using Zen 7 MT (agent instaleld from from SP1 IR1), logging
into the machine with no novell client oand the machine is connected to a
domain. DIRXML sync across AD and EDir directories....


It appears that users who are in the local user group do not have access to
the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\\Novell\Workstation
Manager\Identification\User Logins hive and therefore cannot write to the
User Logins key to write data about how many times they login

The problem is after running zwsreg i get the following message

Login count = 0, Logins required = 3

When I look at the User Logins hive there is no enrty for the logged in user
(who belongs to the user group).

If I log in as a user in the administrators it works no problems

We have just imaged 80 machines and all users in the user group have this

Any suggestions on any fixes or workarounds?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated