We need to have the mysql-data access for the user with mapped drive.
that means we need to have the mysql-data on a NSS-volume.
But when we start the mslq with a nss-data-path we gt the error:
Can't read dir of '/media/nss/VOL1/Daten/APPL/messerli/mysql-data/temp/'
(Errcode: 13)

How can we resolve this ?


then install-scritp von the software-vendor does:
# Users and Groups

groupadd mysql
useradd -g mysql mysql

#Rights and Privileges

cd $MysqlServerPath
chown -R root .
chown -R mysql:mysql $MysqlDataPath/mdbs
chmod -R 750 $MysqlDataPath/mdbs
chown -R mysql:mysql $MysqlDataPath/temp
chmod -R 750 $MysqlDataPath/temp
mkdir $MysqlDataPath/dbs
chmod -R 777 $MysqlDataPath/dbs
chgrp -R mysql .
chmod -R 750 $MysqlServerPath

and maybe this conflicts with the nss:
there every thing is owner root, and this can't be changed.

How can i define the the sqld is running with root rights ?