Hi all,

Whilst been a Netware nerd for many years, I've never used load
balancing. I have one paricular NW6.5.6 server that can get hammered by
large read/write requests of GB's of data. Obviously when someone is
copying GB's of data it can slow the other users considerably.

So I decided to delve into load balancing. After reading the doco's I
set up load balancing via inetcfg on the two Broadcom II Xtreme NIC's
with the lastest drivers (BX2.lan v3.41) on a test server, using round
robin. The server in question I want to load balance also uses the same
NIC's (server I'm testing on is a HP DL360 G4).

Several testing by copying two 500MB files to and from the server from
two different Windows workstations simultaneously showed it was
considerly slower than not using load balancing. The NRM TCPIP protocol
info on the server shows the LB algorithms are going up, and TCPCON
shows both interfaces are getting traffic, yet the performance is fine
for one workstation, yet the other struggles and takes twice as long to
copy the file (this is true for both read and write).

I'm about to try Broadcoms BASP teaming driver to see what kind of
performance it has. Has anyone tried it? Or should I try the other LB
options Netware can do? Or am I simply missing something?

Any input and suggests would be appreciated.