We have a CISCO PIX firewall, with a BM3.8 server running as a proxy server in the DMZ.

I have been asked to enable ftp access to a particular site. The BM3.8 running ftp proxy works fine for most sites. However, this particular site is running IIsFTP server.

On connection, everything seems fine until I try to LS the remote directory. The ftp server reports "PORT command successful" then times out and disconnects.

I have tried connecting via various ftp clients, all with the same results.

If I connect from a machine that has a connection direct to the internet (i.e. NOT using the FTP proxy) the connection works fine.

If I connect from home, the connection pauses, states that it is changing from passive to active, then continues with the connection ok.

I have tried opening up ALL IP ports to and from the BM server thru the PIX firewall to ensure that it isn' that that is affecting things.

The BM server only runs proxy services. Access to other ftp sites via the proxy is fine. I have edited the proxy.cfg file to enable the "EnableSendListBeforeData=1" entry and restarted the proxy.

Can anyone offer some help?