Hi all,

I was wondering if the following would be possible in any way:

We've got a LAN with IP-range 10.x.x.x (subnetmask On the edge of the LAN, we've got a BorderManager server with (among others) an interface to an internal 192.168.51.x segment. On that segment we've got a router ( that connects to an external extranet. That extranet is not ours to control. All IP-addresses that have to be reached on the extranet are placed in the static routing table of our BorderManagerserver. This is working just fine.

Now, the administrator of the extranet asked us to set up a connection between a server in our LAN and a server on the extranet with IP-address 10.0.74.x. Because of our LAN subnetmask, that can't be done by static routing. The 10.0.74.x address will always be routed back into our LAN. Could this be done with some kind of NAT?

The most thorough solution would probably be changing the subnetmask of our LAN to but that would mean changing a LOT of IP-addresses too because we're using the 10.x.x.x range widely. Does anyone know of an elegant, yet easy way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for thinking with me on this one!