We are suffering heavily from this problem.

We want to start a very large desktop refresh/rollout and are in the final stages of prep and test.

Using engl we are building the workstation images (2k and xp) and rolling them out to the desktops, then using a series of workstation associated applications to prep the machines ready for the users to login. These applications are set to run in the workstation security space so that installations are performed (lights out) without the need for a user login taking place.

The applications are not being installed to the workstations ( I believe) because of the error reported in tid 3074479. It seems that this error only affects some MSI's, not all, as some applications distribute fine, but others do not. There does not seem to be a pattern, only in that the same applications succeed and the same applications fail. It seems to get even weirder in that when you examine the MSI log, the application has successfully installed without an error, but zenlite is being returned an error state and GPF's, which prevents further apps installing. In addition, the apps are set to 'wait on forced run', but do not seem to be following the installation order !!!

The apps are flagged as run once, install only and are stuff like Flash, Shockwave, Java client, etc and make up most of our list of core apps. Stuff that you generally need to run over the base operating system to give the users a smooth ride.

We have also spent time trying work out why the successful apps are and why the unsuccesful apps aren't, but don't seem to be able to get to the bottom of it.

We have tried back-reving the ZFDAgent through HP6 and HP3, but with little success.

Zenworks 7.0.1 IR1
Netware 6.5 SP3

We are having to flag the apps to be displayed on the workstation desktop, then clicking on the icons to get them to install (once) then the icons disappear - as a temporary measure !!!!

This problem seems only to occur in a netware environment. We have successfully deployed this solution in a Linux server environment, within the same tree, same version of ZFD, same version of ZFDAgent, just different site.

Any suggestions on ways round this would be gratefully accepted.

Anybody have a delivery date for when this TID 3074479 will be resolved and a solution released ?