I' m trying to setup SLP on my server novell 6.5sp6.

When I try to do "novell login" and select the icon "Trees" , it doesn't
find the tree.
I think that this happens because of VLAN (problem of broadcast message).
In fact I have the same problem when I run "RCONJ.EXE" and select the icon
"remote servers", it doesn't find any servers.

I have read some documentation about how to configure SLP but I'm not an
expert and so I need help.

Please could someone explain me in simple steps ?
and what they mean ?

I have read this:
1 - create a scope unit - but what must I specify?
2 - create a slp da - but what must I specify?
3 - modify the slp.cfg but how must I do it?
4 - which are the parameters that must I pass by DHCP to the client?

Best regards