I have recently begun receiving PC's with a new Intel D945GCNL motherboard,
and I am having issue's sending images to our image servers. The time to
send a 2gig image to the server can be measured in days. Any idea's?

Here's what I've Checked:
PC direct connect to Cisco Switch - Both Auto neg -Both Detect 100FD - No
Server direct connect to Cisco Switch - Both Auto neg -Both 1gig - No CRC
Zen Linux OS running at 100% cpu utilization due to kacpid process -
inserted acpi=off and noacpi into boot parameters. Linux O/S idles at 1-2%
Both Workstation and Server Running ZFD 7 SP1 IR1 (Latest Patch)
Mounting the windows ntfs filesystem to /mnt/harddrive and ftp'ing a large
file to the zen server works very fast.
Receiving an image from a netware/linux zen server is very fast. The
slowness only occurs sending up an image.

I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air :) Any Idea's?