We are in the process of updating our servers that host our edirectory.
I am planning on making these 3 servers OES2. In our current
environment we have around 20,000 edirectory accounts for our staff and
students. Our staff also have Active Directory Accounts our students do
not. We are going to be replacing our printer management software this
year and it will likely be based on Active Directory. Many of the
printing solutions we have been looking at use Windows queues and
groups. For me this means we would have to populate our Active
Directory with Student Accounts. We are not using identity management
and not sure this would even be an option due to politics and money. My
question is would it be worth waiting for SP1 of OES2 which is suppose
to have the Windows Domain Services in it? Or will this just allow
authentication but not necessarily allow users to use groups and queues
based on Active Directory? Another question is if we do go ahead with
IDM and I use edirectory 8.8 can I or should I create my meta directory
on this same group of 3 edirectory servers? What I am envisioning is
having 2 trees and each server would have 2 directories on it.