I'm working on a Proliant ML370 g3 with compaq 641 array controller.

The system originally had 3 146gb drives in a raid 5 configuration.

Subsequently another single 146gb drive was added to expand the array.

The extra space was given to the sys volume.

I have 6 x 300gb new drives, I want to replace the current array with.

The information I seek is how to "roll-back" to the old drives/array, if
after putting in the new ones I can't restore from my Portlock Storage
manager backup image.

Should I just go into the array config utility and clear the array,
configuration (of the new array), and then put in the old drives? (i.e. can
the original array config be read off the drives from the controller?)

If not, what steps do I need to take before putting in the new drives and
initializing them?