I'm upgrading a very small (20 users) net from an earlier small biz
version to the most recent NW flavor of small biz.

One concern I have is that they use DLU from ZEN ... will this still work
if I apply sp6 or SP7 to the netware server? I have heard that one of
these SPs imposes edir 8.8 that in some way is not compatible with zen

Also, since I am going to remove the old server (nw6 with zen 6.5) once
all services and data are ported over to the new server ... if I put zen 7
on this server, will I have to use the zen agent on each workstation in
order for them to use DLU functionality? Basically, the ONLY thing from
ZEN that they use is DLU. I just want this to be as simple as possible ...

Currently I have to install first an old NW client that puts the zen
functionality on a new workstation, before I can upgrade to a new client.
I would REALLY REALLY not want to totally break DLU -- even though it is a
very small network,

I suppose if I have to I could use the agent ... though it seems like a
TON of memory and CPU over-head for simple DLU functionality???